Friday, August 24, 2007

Da Cinema Tent

Cinema tent line up is pretty kicking

Times Friday
1-4pm Woodstock The Movie (184 minutes)
4-6pm Stranger than Fiction (113 minutes)
6-8pm 28 Days Later (113 minutes)
8-9.40pm Dawn of the Dead (100 minutes)
9.45-11pm The Lost Boys (97 minutes)
11pm-2am Lord of the Rings (178 minutes)
2am-3.50am *Wizard of Oz synchronized to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon (101 minutes)
3.50am-5.50am Blade Runner (117 minutes)
5.50am-7.50am 24 Hour Party People (117 minutes)
7.50am-9.50am Something About Mary (119 minutes)
9.50am-12pm V For Vendetta (132 minutes)
12pm-1.15pm Human Footprint (75 minutes)
1.15pm-3pm Darwins Nightmare (107 minutes)
3pm-4.55pm An Inconvenient Truth (100 minutes)
5pm-6.30pm Borat (84 minutes)
6.30pm-8.30pm Hot Fuzz (121 minutes)
8.30pm-10.40pm Glastonbury (135 minutes)
10.45pm-12.35pm Irish Film Board presents...Live Action shorts (115 minutes)
12.40pm-2.10am The Aristocrats (89 minutes)
2.10am-2.25am The Wednesdays (15 minutes)
2.30am-3.45am Daft Pink's Electroma (74 minutes)
3.50am-5.30am Blazing Saddles (93 minutes)
5.30am-7am Stand By Me (89 minutes)
7am-8.30am Muppets from Space (87 minutes)
8.30am-10.30am The Incredibles (115 minutes)
10.30am-12am Irish Film Board presents...Animation Shorts (90 minutes)
12am-1.20pm Daft Punk's Electroma (74 minutes)
1.20pm-3pm Scanner Darkly (100 minutes)
3pm-4.40pm First Blood - Rambo (97 minutes)
4.45pm-6.55pm The Karate Kid (126 minutes)
7pm-9pm 300 (117 minutes)
9pm-10.40pm Leonard Cohen: I'm your Man (98 minutes)
10.45pm-11.30pm Hedwig and the Angry Inch (95 minutes)
11.30pm-1.20am Footloose (107 minutes)
1.20am-2.50am Borat (84 minutes)

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