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It is like a stop sign but it says POOP from "Poop Sign"

Own your very own poop sign for only $8

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Fold your own model figures of your favorite characters!

Do Try This At Home

The Bike Steal Test

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Free 3G iPhone in the UK

O2 United Kingdom Vs O2 Ireland

You probably remember the Irish launch of the iPhone. The fanfare was muted by the consumer rights people saying wait for the 3G phone or for O2 to match the British pricing and tariffs.
Well Mr Jobs seems to have sorted that by saying that the price globally will not exceed €199 (€127, £101) for the 8Gb model.

How slow are O2 Ireland?
Already on you can get your fill on 3G iPhone madness for example....
Existing iPhone customers can upgrade early to the new 3G iPhone for free*
Free on Business tariffs
It will be available as Pay As You Go
And if you want to pay monthly the 8GB model is free on the £45 tariff and the 16Gb model is free on the £75 tarrif
While the Irish counterparts are still flogging the old model for a temporarily discounted €299.
How long until O2 Ireland get their fingers out?, even taking the old information down would be a start.

**Update** have updated the site somewhat. Well they have a banner pic (with no link) just above where they are still pawning off the 2.5G iPhone for their outrageous price.

Now the image links to no word on pricing yet, nor tariffs. I hope ye dont get paid too well.

Well now they are linking to their own content. It only took just under 1 day.
Of course they ignore Steve Jobs by stating the costs... O2 Continue to Rip Off the Republic.
The 8GB iPhone 3G will cost just €49 on the €100 monthly iPhone tariff, €99 on the €65 tariff and €169 on the €45 tariff. The 16GB iPhone 3G will cost €129 on the €100 monthly tariff option, €169 on the €65 tariff and €229 on the €45 tariff

Sorry Apple jail breaking is still king in Ireland.
O2 do your maths €169 equal $199

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Possibly the best game I have played this year.

All credit to

How did I miss these? Eircom's Entrapment Adverts

So it seems that Eircom have had a viral ad campaign on the net for some time and I've been oblivious to it.Not the first time I've ignored adverts, but I kinda wish I'd noticed these earlier.

I found these ads on so not only have Eircom a good ad campaign they are also placing them on great sites.