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"Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat by UndiscoveredJulie

"Bubbly," A cappella by UndiscoveredJulie

A little help from some bloggers.

As you all probably know by now, allot of people over at (131 pages, 2613 comments) and subsequently
are not happy with the mobile broadband being offered by 3.
They have complained to and about 3, ComReg, NCA, they are trying to get a petition going as well as a protest, but these need some weight.

Now they are trying get more recognition of the problem. Unfortunately nobody is paying attention. Politicians, radio stations, and newspapers are turning blind eyes and deaf ears at them. It is my hope that the blogging community can help get them some well deserved coverage.

I ask you the Blogging community to take an interest maybe do a piece (titled: 3 broadband or Three Broadband) to help this get to a resolution, maybe send it onto one of your journo pals.

They need you....
Damien Mulley @
Bernie Goldbach @
Paul Browne @
Damien Blake @
Tom Raftery @
Frank P @
Conor Pope @
Rick O'Shea @
Twenty Major @

and many more....

At the very least it should help push 3's search rank down below the complaints.

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Simon Coveney in dark on broadband

From the Evening Echo 09 Oct 2007
Also available on his website

Simon Coveney manages to ramble on about the problems with Irish broadband without actually mentioning any action areas or plans put to actually right the problems. He also seems to glaze over the whole area of mobile broadband - maybe this is willfull, as if he mentions that then the 20% lack of penetration arguably becomes none existent.
And I mean arguably, comreg and the current govt seem to use the mobile solutions like it was a dream come true - instant fast internet for everyone turned up overnight, time for them to take their heads out of the sand and bask in the glory of a job well done. Oh wait that 3 crowd seem to be getting a hard time maybe we should hide in some bushes for a while longer.

Simon - wise up, either sit on the fence or actually do something about it, stop whining about it.

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3 problem - problem extension

So 3 continue to screw customers
The error message "Access Denied (policy_denied)" is now the most popular topic over on , and an umbrella site has been launched

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3 problem - What Problem?

Three are still denying any problems and go as far as blaming user software configuration for the lack of coverage, continuous connection drops and poor speed.
Users testing things out themselves while the network is down find strange reasons
Like the isp (3) blocking all data on port 80 - the internet port.

But people want it to stop -
CptSternn is trying to get a petition together. His aim is to bring to some TD's to see what can be done. As well as trying to get further media coverage on the topic
Comreg play nice as always and tell us they do not regulate broadband.
NCA - recommends that individuals take action in the small claims court - while they gather information.

See for a cavalcade of customer problems, experiences, support etc.

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