Tuesday, August 19, 2008


After watching so many bloggers fall to the wayside due to other commitments - its eventually my turn. Well almost.
I'm going to be travelling the world and thus my greed for link love will be somewhat lessened. So I'm hereby serving my notice. Blogging on this here site will be extremely rare, but expect some nuggets every now and then.

However if you fancy following my escapades around the globe do so over here. Me and the wife plan to blog our journey.

Smell you all later.
Mr T

Canberra University Netball Team

In and out, in and out, that's what it is all about. GOOOOOOO C U N T!
Check out the cunts here

Monday, August 18, 2008

Meteroic Morons - €720 to roam for a year

So as you probably know I'm off around the world next week for a year. So I'm trying to tie up a few loose ends. Today came the turn of making sure my mobile would work while in some far flung destinations.

3 months ago I changed from meteor bill pay to meteor pay as you go - So I wouldn't be paying a monthly fee as I don't intend to be using the phone too often. I have roamed with meteor many times including to countries that are not on their list

The Call
So I called customer service and spoke with Lindsey who explained that I would need to go into a meteor shop to register my credit card details, fill out a direct debit form and pay €60 top up before my roaming would be activated and I would be able to roam out side the list for the next 30 days.

Although this is awkward, it is not ridiculous. Apparently my contract with them as a Bill paying customer isn't sufficient to justify my roaming with them now as a Pre pay customer.

The ludicrous part is... they will want me to do this every 30 days. So when I repeated that fact I will not be able to go to a meteor shop every 30 days while thousands of miles away - I was informed I could fax the form to them every month. But would still have to top up by €60 to get the roaming activated for the next 30 days.

So for 12 months roaming they would charge me €720 whether I spend it or not.

Update - while trying to get released form meteor Carmel put me on hold for 5 mins then hangs the call up, despite having confirmed my details an accessing my account she in unable to return a call.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Coffee Stirrer Art

A simple idea has turned into very strange art - again.
On the third week of January 2007, while getting a coffee at work, I placed 3 coffee stirrers in a simple pattern on the notice board.

Over the next few days this took on a life of its own. And developed into a wonderful display - I'm calling it Art.

So I've started again. And guess what it has started again.
Lets follow it...
My Exibit 14-07-08

Stage 1... 15-07-08

A nice progression towards ancient symbolism or maybe a lean towards Asian writing styles

Stage 2... 16-07-08

A slight adjustment leaves a symbol which to me seems less elaborate.

Stage 3... 17-07-08

I feel like the project has become someones joke. A simple but yet evil face has been added. First tempted to remove it, but I will allow this, it could become like Easter Island.

Stage 4... 18-07-08

I'm happy with the turn away from faces. This person has used other artefacts (postcards) from the notice board to give the project a cartoonish feel. Also note the change on the top right - almost brining back stage 2.

Stage 5... 22-07-08

A return to normal. The postcards were removed by someone and they left their mark.
I prefer this kind of development.

Stage 6... 23-07-08

At first I liked this progression nice small separate works, but when looking at it on the camera the obvious YMCA comes through. I do like the art on the right.

Stage 7... 24-07-08

Someone took time and effort with this. Again the separate art theme is coming out, unlike the first expiriment where there was a great growth of the original. I wonder is there a hidden story or message.

Stage 8... 25-07-08

This is my absolute favourite. Plain angles making unknown images.

Stage 9 25-07-08 - 08-08-08
The above installation was resident for some time only to be replaced by this...

Stage 10... 08-08-08 - 12-08-08

Some lovely new symbols as intricate as stage 2. Definitely my new favourite. However the noticeboards primary function seems to have been reclaimed. Maybe the art was changed before the notices were added, maybe they were added as part of the art piece. But I feel the best work has been vandalised.

Should I remove the notices and allow for more developments or should I end the project now?
Please leave you preference in the comments

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

How To Fake An Orgasm

How To Fake An Orgasm

Prosecco Marca Trevigiana

OK so I blame/thank you Missy Lidl Treats.
So me and Mrs went all guns ho to the Lidls in the Cork region, to no avail. We gave up after a few weeks trying. Then like a bolt from above, last sunday, while picking up some bread and cheese we found a shelf full of it. In a panic we bought 12 bottles. On the way home we realised neither of us had tried it. So we blamed you. Then we tried it now we thank you.

Only 10 bottles left now.

Tom Waits Gig Review - Dublin 3 Friday Night

After much talking, hoping and praying the Friday night gig eventually arrived. I had poor full-priced seats which meant I could only see half the stage - Tom, the sax, and the bongo's. Still I don't feel hard done by. As you know I'm a big fan so I'm always going to be biased. I thought the performance was fantastic definitely as good as I'd hoped if not better, even if he constantly spoke with a really annoying character voice. The sound was fairly poor, there seemed only to be speakers at the edge of the stage so it was always mono, and form where I sat always only from my right ear, but it was loud and I was there.

The event was well organised, there was no hassle of any sort (from what I saw), most of the staff wore suits which made a change form burly security men in neon safety jackets. It did have a theatre feel throughout the night.
I'm not old, but I felt there should have been an interval. People wanted to get more booze, the bar seemed to want to sell more booze, and there were allot of people heading to the toilets. It was nice that you were not allowed back to your seat until between songs (adding to the theatre vibe) but with an interval the show may have been better. Alternatively it would have been great to be able to stand for the gig, I'd have loved to have danced moved my body to some of the tunes.

After a the second encore, we were treated to what seemed like a unscheduled 2 further songs. After which Tom left the stage with a genuine smile on his face, be it the last night of the tour or the fact that he had gotten round after round of rapturous applause. The crowd wouldn't let up, there was a long pause where hopes seemed to raise that he may return for another (4th) encore but after a few minutes the signal was given. A man we hadn't seen before came on stage with a cordless drill in hand - amazing I though what can/will Tom do with that, but alas the pa started playing music and the house lights ruined my imagination and the man with a drill started to rip the set apart.

I slowly filled out into the dark rain filled night but I was left feeling whole. A few days later I'm still have that wholesome feeling.

The mirrorball hat clad rendition of Eyeball Kid, Tom Traubert's Blues, I'll shoot the moon, The Heart of Saturday, Lost in The Harbour night, The rainbow in the sky when My bladder decided to explode. It was worth every penny and then some.

More chatter on the gigs

And now some videos

Very short excerpt Eyeball Kid - Dublin 30.07.08

Eyeball Kid - Paris 24.07.08

I'll shoot the moon - Dublin 30.07.08