Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A little help from some bloggers.

As you all probably know by now, allot of people over at boards.ie (131 pages, 2613 comments) and subsequently http://3broadband.info/
are not happy with the mobile broadband being offered by 3.
They have complained to and about 3, ComReg, NCA, they are trying to get a petition going as well as a protest, but these need some weight.

Now they are trying get more recognition of the problem. Unfortunately nobody is paying attention. Politicians, radio stations, and newspapers are turning blind eyes and deaf ears at them. It is my hope that the blogging community can help get them some well deserved coverage.

I ask you the Blogging community to take an interest maybe do a piece (titled: 3 broadband or Three Broadband) to help this get to a resolution, maybe send it onto one of your journo pals.

They need you....
Damien Mulley @ http://www.mulley.net
Bernie Goldbach @ http://irish.typepad.com/irisheyes/
Paul Browne @ http://firstpartners.net/blog/
Damien Blake @ http://www.damienblake.com/
Tom Raftery @ http://www.tomrafteryit.net/
Frank P @ http://bifsniff.com/
Conor Pope @ http://www.ireland.com/blogs/pricewatch/
Rick O'Shea @ http://ricksbreakfastblog.blogspot.com/
Twenty Major @ http://twentymajor.net/

and many more....

At the very least it should help push 3's search rank down below the complaints.


Anonymous said...

I found 3broadband a very disappointing net to use.It was,nt cheap to set up. I cancelled my contract with them but they are still looking for money. There small print is very unclear about how I still owe them money. When i ring them or call into the shop in galway i get no joy from the robots that work for them. I will be write to comreg and complaining. I have met a former customer whose had more trouble then me.

Anonymous said...

The people that runs 3 broadband are stealing from all their customer big time. They keeping people traped in a 12/18 month contract whilst not providing the service we paid for. 3 BROADBAND ARE A BUNCH OF THIEVES!!