Friday, February 01, 2008

Free Photobucket Pro account

Photobucket is an online photo storage site, similiar to flickr.

Here is how to get a free Pro account worth $25

  1. Set up a free account as normal (or use your existing account)
  2. Goto... and Enter your details
  3. Choose an offer (i know it seems like one of those free ipod things, but it's not)...I choose to sign up to 14 day trail @ eMusic (they are a DRM music download site), but there are many offers including screenclick which I recommend.
  4. Once the registration is completed, you will recieved an email from eMusic, and shortly after one from trialpay - with details on how to redeem my pro account. All that was involved was following a link, and adding my photobucket username.
  5. Lastly close your trial eMusic account and your done. (if you want)

So in short

click Trialpay

Sign up for the Trial of eMusic

activate your Pro account

Close the trial @ eMusic (if you want)

Here is the activiation screen sent when your pro account is waiting for you

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Rob said...

Yes I know this is a really old post.

Photobucket is selling your images, and giving other users credit for your work.

Photobucket has two new fetures, Buy prints and items, were you can by prints, T-Shirts, Mugs, and much more.

And the other is add this image to my album, when this is done your image will show up in the useres album, saying they are the photographer.

Check this out: after a few emails back and forth between myself and photobucket, I found this artical from plagiarsm today.