Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reboot @ Working

Recently I had a voicemail from someone who left their work number for me to call them back. Unfortunately they also used their work voice for this. It was like a switch was flicked at the end of the message and work mode was activated.
I tried in vain to call the number that was left... but it turns out that one of what I thought was a 2 turns out to be a 3. But as the voice was in work mode and was rattled off as if it was known to everyone - not just the caller - it wasn’t as distinguishable you would think, even though it had been repeated during the message and I replayed it I still believe the number to be a 2.

After calling my mate back on his mobile, the conversation led to my explaining the above. So Buddy McBud recorded himself on his own mobile and it turns out he also thought it was a 2.

Try it.
It might explain the lack of return calls.

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