Saturday, February 02, 2008

Things That People Learned About Dublin Thanks To 'Once':

* No one in Dublin (except rich studio engineers) owns a mobile phone. All calls must be made from public phones just off Grafton Street.
* It's normal to go to the shop at night in your pyjamas. You won't be mugged or arrested.
* Dublin thieves are perfectly nice once you've caught them and shown them your compassionate side. But watch out for that second door out of HMV!
* Young Dubliners don't go to the pub; they organise sing-songs at home where everyone eats plain spaghetti and listens to someone's ma* singing come-all-ye rebel ballads.
* Immigrants to Dublin have no worries except for neighbours barging in to watch 'Fair City'.
* It doesn't rain in Dublin.

This is from a french perspective

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