Friday, July 04, 2008

Ah Jagermeister

Oh Jagermeister how I love thee.
The day we met.
It was my 19th Birthday, a friendly affair in Lebowskis* of Marlboro Street. There just happened to be a Jagermeister promotion that night. Buy one get one free, but the first was reduced to £1.50. A great idea to serve them in Test Tubes.
test-tube liquor
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My first friend shows up.
Me: "Hey buddy, thanks for coming."
Him/Her: "I got you 2, coz there so cheap"
Me: "era there was no need, I'm just glad your here". "I see you got 2 free, set them over there... oh wait testtubes"
Him/Her: "Go"
So I did, 4 shots later more friends arrive. By the end of the night, the friendly bar staff had given me a test tube rack to help lessen the madness. And it did to be fair, it did slow me down. Oh I'll never forget the first half of that night. I'll never remember the second.

I decided the next day that straight Jagermeister was not the drink for me. We had some brief encounters, fly by night for years. Until a stag night in Skull. I was introduced to you again. This time you came to me in a different form - a form that didn’t have any bells or whistles, no cheap friendly promotions, no rounded glass to prevent us from standing. What you did come with? It was half a glass of high octane energy juice. Jagermeister dipped in Red Bull, tomorrows energy today. Whack. We were friends again. I can’t blame you solely for the great time that night, you were not alone in my liver, you had many more friends that night.

A short few weeks later my 25th Birthday rolls around. The Head Of The River* this time. JagerBombs* all round. "My round say the bar keep". A nice touch really. You dont get that much anymore. He also had to pop out to buy another bottle of Jager to keep us in the bar. I say 26 my now-wife says 24 -either way I ended up in a paddling pool on the Everyman Theatre's floor.
A few rare nights, a few sore mornings. Only brief Affairs.
Knock*, April 12th, someone decides that the head table would like a round of Jager bombs. Oh thank you Dessie, it was almost a year since I'd heard the click of the glass hitting glass and the rush of a dark sugary liquid gush down my troat. There like Pringles, once you drop you really can’t stop. I was sore the next morning, afternoon, evening, night and next morning. Man I'm getting old.

But to prove my youth, birthday 27 comes around. I try to beat my record 26/24. Same place as last time, but they've changed the name and the staff, it’s the Bierhaus now. Big Dave doesn’t serve with the same attitude as his predecessor. Maybe he's the reason I come short. 22 Bombs, I remember I was able to feel my heart.
Oh how I have missed you, Jager.
Its nearly been a year again. 28 is comming round. I think I'll try again this year, I'm glad to still be around.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dude and good luck with the record attempt. May your throat be smooth,your liver strong and god forbid any out of nose experiences!