Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Coffee Stirrer Art

A simple idea has turned into very strange art - again.
On the third week of January 2007, while getting a coffee at work, I placed 3 coffee stirrers in a simple pattern on the notice board.

Over the next few days this took on a life of its own. And developed into a wonderful display - I'm calling it Art.

So I've started again. And guess what it has started again.
Lets follow it...
My Exibit 14-07-08

Stage 1... 15-07-08

A nice progression towards ancient symbolism or maybe a lean towards Asian writing styles

Stage 2... 16-07-08

A slight adjustment leaves a symbol which to me seems less elaborate.

Stage 3... 17-07-08

I feel like the project has become someones joke. A simple but yet evil face has been added. First tempted to remove it, but I will allow this, it could become like Easter Island.

Stage 4... 18-07-08

I'm happy with the turn away from faces. This person has used other artefacts (postcards) from the notice board to give the project a cartoonish feel. Also note the change on the top right - almost brining back stage 2.

Stage 5... 22-07-08

A return to normal. The postcards were removed by someone and they left their mark.
I prefer this kind of development.

Stage 6... 23-07-08

At first I liked this progression nice small separate works, but when looking at it on the camera the obvious YMCA comes through. I do like the art on the right.

Stage 7... 24-07-08

Someone took time and effort with this. Again the separate art theme is coming out, unlike the first expiriment where there was a great growth of the original. I wonder is there a hidden story or message.

Stage 8... 25-07-08

This is my absolute favourite. Plain angles making unknown images.

Stage 9 25-07-08 - 08-08-08
The above installation was resident for some time only to be replaced by this...

Stage 10... 08-08-08 - 12-08-08

Some lovely new symbols as intricate as stage 2. Definitely my new favourite. However the noticeboards primary function seems to have been reclaimed. Maybe the art was changed before the notices were added, maybe they were added as part of the art piece. But I feel the best work has been vandalised.

Should I remove the notices and allow for more developments or should I end the project now?
Please leave you preference in the comments


hoghi said...

Art for Art's sake is not Art. Like the company you joined for a fulfilling career, it ends up as Work for Work's sake. How Bad.

This project is very familiar to me and one of my sanity checks, so am thrilled that it resurfaced, so that I could contribute some artistic talent to the Grand Cause.

The voices say you should by all means reclaim the noticeboard. It is there for the reclaiming. Until some fuckwit consigns it to the same fate as PezGate. Raise an RIR against them for tampering with.... themselves.

Mr T said...

I do agree. As I've stated before on this here blog - some people are cunts.

Thanks for your comment - good luck.