Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Point Theatre

So after its refurbishment, the venue previously know as The Point, is renamed The O2. O2 have spent millions to be the sole sponsors of the high tech converted warehouse.
Do they not realise we are not as fickle as the British when it comes to place names. Everyone knows of The O2 Arena in London, but do you realise it was the doomed Millenium Dome before O2 stepped in to save the day.

Will the Irish take the name change on the chin. I for one will never go to The O2 it will always be The Point.
Eddie Vedder @ The Point 2000:
The story begins with a farmer who had a son and a horse. But one day the horse runs away to be with some other wild horses. The farmer is stuck with no horse. One day the horse comes back and brings some friends with him so now the farmer has 6 horses. A friend says how great it was that even though he had no horses for a while now he got 6 and the farmers reply was: "Yeah, whatever!"

Then his son has and accident and breaks his leg. Now the farmer is stuck with no help. A war breaks out and all the young people where drafted except for his son due to the broken leg. The same friend says how great it was that even though his son broke his leg, he didn't have to go off and fight in the war and his reply was: "Yeah, whatever!"

Then Eddie asks the crowd "So what's the point?" Eddie's reply: "It's this really cool place to play in Dublin!"

That kind of story just doesn't have the same punchline when it is...
"So what's The O2?"
The only reply:
"A corporate scam to sell communication devices"


Gamma said...

The O2!? The O fuckin'2? What kind of shit is that! I'm not really that flabbergasted but it looks good to start a comment with :)

Surely calling it The O2 Point would have made come kind of sense?

Mr T said...

Yup I hate it as well.
And it just looks retarded, not just the design, the actual words The O2 just looks wrong.

I cant wait until Three take over the sponsorship of the RDS.
"I'm going to see The Arctic Monkeys in The 3"

Gamma said...

I read in the paper, just there at lunch, O2 customers might get "special" tickets for events. Some kind of cheaper price or pre-release deal.

Mr T said...

Yup, you can register for it at but I wonder is that just a gimmick for when Britney comes around again.